A note from the elders

A note from the Elders to all the people of BRBC:

Like most of you, when the government instituted its current response to the coronavirus, the Elders were concerned about the church’s ability financially to navigate the months ahead. The combination of not meeting together on Sunday, many of you losing jobs, pay or revenue, and the general financial uncertainty over the days ahead made the possibility of the church having financial difficulty very real.

One option we had to respond was to participate in the government’s broad payroll protection program—to take a forgivable loan from the government to cover two and a half months of our church’s payroll during the quarantine. We chose not to do this. There are several reasons we chose that path.

The first and most important to us is we wanted to put our trust where it belongs—in God who knows our needs and has far more than sufficient resources to meet them.

The second is that we have, for many, many years, retained a reserve of an average of three months spending for circumstances just like these: where an unexpected event had significant financial impact on our ministry. We have not touched that reserve in all the years any of us have been on the board and did not see the need to take more money when the reserve was sitting there untapped. (A personal note from Tim Murphy, writing for the elders: I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that the existence the three-month reserve made it easier to trust in our God. But the reality is, that the existence of that reserve and the fact that we never have had to use it is huge evidence of the goodness and provision of our God).

Third, we did not want to take what is a limited amount of governmental money that we knew was needed—sometimes desperately—in other places where we did not have an immediate need.

And finally, all of us had varying levels of discomfort with becoming too entangled with the government and its rules as part of our financial situation.

This is all background by way of background we wanted you to know. Here’s our main message today: God has been very, very good and faithful to us in the midst of this crisis in providing what we need to operate and to continue to care for our staff and all the ministries of our church. He has done it through your continued faithful giving—despite your current circumstances—and for that we are very thankful and wanted you to know it. To date, we remain above our budgeted giving for the year and have not yet needed to use any of our reserve whatsoever.

Our nation is not out of the woods yet and we don’t at all know what the future holds. But we do know that God will be with us, leading us into that future and will be every bit as trustworthy then as He is now and has been in the past.

The Elders deeply, deeply appreciate your partnership with us in the ministry and how many of you have continued to give, sometimes very sacrificially, to see the work of God in our community continue despite our circumstances.

With grateful heart to our God and to you, His instruments:

Your Elders