Hello to all out there in this winter wonderland!!

This is your official and obvious notice that ALL is cancelled for Sunday, January 24. That includes: worship services, Sunday school, Awana and the DNOW host meeting.

Ladies, the Coffee & Conversation on Monday night is also cancelled.

It’s also pretty safe to say that anything happening at church on Monday is cancelled, and maybe Tuesday too.  Call or email before coming or assuming the church is open. It is going to require a lot of plow and tractor work to make the parking lot accessible. You can reach the staff by email [our first names] @brbible.org.

Things you can do — Continue in your own study of Hebrews. Share shoveling with your neighbors, invite them over for soup or those brownies you can justify eating in an event like this, and let them know about our collection of non-perishable food for Souper Bowl Sunday. And one more thing — if you aren’t already an online donor through The City or through your bank, set that up so that weekends like this won’t impact your faithful giving.

Stay safe and have fun inside and outside!