Community Care Team


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The team members want to learn about any ideas you may have about reaching out and caring for our community and sharing Jesus through word and deed! 

Fill out this form to help us build up a database of ideas — or to ask for the team to come alongside you, as you pursue an outreach idea for yourself, your family, or your Life Group. 



BRBCers, click HERE to tell the team

The team members envision a church family where God is actively using us as His hands and feet to be actively involved in caring for those in our local community.

Needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Some examples of community needs might include: Prayer, someone to talk to or just a social visit, laundry, provide a meal, child care/babysitting, yard work, gutter cleaning, wash windows, paint a room, electrical work, plumbing work, shoveling snow, vacuuming, financial assistance, deck sealing, fence repair, need of home furnishings, need of clothing, need of food, etc.

Questions? Ask the Community Care Team |  Send an email

  • Tree of Life Ministries – Purcellville 
    • Updated: Food pantry donations: On ‘Souper’ Bowl Sunday (February 13), Awana will be collecting food for Tree of Life and everyone can participate. Please be generous in bringing items for the food bank as the winter season has depleted their supplies. Immediate needs posted for the Purcellville Tree of Life food pantry include: instant oatmeal, cereal, pop tarts, instant coffee, black tea bags, boxed mac & cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, and dried black beans. (See full list HERE.)
    • Groups needed to provide To-Go meals (Thursday evenings), sign up HERE
  • Mobile Hope of Loudoun (at-risk youth)  
    • Mobile Hope ministers to at-risk youth and young adults in Western Loudoun with support and emergency shelter to prevent homelessness. More info on how you can serve and make a financial donation.
  • Care for those with special needs 
    • SimplyBe Coffee (a Tree of Life ministry): SimplyBe Coffee offers workplace and volunteer opportunities for those in the special needs community. You can help to support this ministry by dropping by the SimplyBe Coffee location in Leesburg and enjoying something delicious off their menu!
    • Still Waters (a Tree of Life ministry): Tree of Life offers opportunities to volunteer with the special needs community through Still Waters. This program provides a fun, safe environment for all to learn and interact with others. 
  • Mosaic Va (care for pregnant moms & families)
    • Donate online or find more details at Mosaic’s website HERE.
  • Care for the elderly 
    • “From Me, To You”: Mail a letter & some much needed sunshine to one of our local nursing home residents. Click HERE for details. A member of the BRBC Youth Group has run this in 2020 and 2021. 
    • Day Break (a Tree of Life ministry): Volunteers can pray, read, encourage the senior and at the same time assess other needs that Tree of Life may be able to meet. 
    • Home Delivered Meals Program: A message from our county: If you can volunteer just two hours of your time weekly or monthly, you can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable Loudoun seniors. Volunteers 18 and older are urgently needed; weekdays in Ashburn, Leesburg, Purcellville and Sterling. Email or call 703-771-5984 to volunteer.
  • Help for neighbors – each of us!
    • Check-in via text or from a distance (emotional wellbeing)
    • Pick-up groceries or other items as needed (physical care)
    • Offer to pray (spiritual care)
    • Reach out to a neighbor card – Example card here


This impacts both those in our community and those within our church family! Specifically, your giving is making support possible for: our world missionaries and those they help, the staff who are your local missionaries, local ministries such as Tree of Life and others, and a lot more. Gifts designated “General Offerings” go toward our budget; gifts designated “Benevolence” or other designations are above and beyond the BRBC budget. Thank you for being the means through which God provides!

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Let’s remember—care starts within our church family! Do you have a need? Please don’t hesitate – reach out to the staff by emailing the office, or contact one of the pastors or life group leaders directly.

  • Ask yourself, who may be in need? Think of older couples, single moms, those with compromised health, those whose paycheck may be affected, etc
  • Check-in with someone via text or from a distance (emotional wellbeing)
  • Pick-up groceries or other items as needed (physical care)
  • Offer to pray (spiritual care)