God is alive and at work in and through His church! 

So how did God work through the retreat? — glad you asked!

  1. Relationships: From dawn to dusk our students were together — meals together, games together, learning about Jesus together, and our free-time together. Existing friendships were strengthen and new friendships were made. This was an answered prayer because all these relationships were centered on Jesus Christ, the great rescuer and redeemer. 
  2. The Gospel Preached: The main speaker had a focus on the power of the gospel and the perils of sin as he shared his own testimony of God’s saving and redeeming power over sin. We ALL need to be rescued from sin no matter how big or small and Jesus is the great Rescuer. Then the Holy Spirit empowers us to walk in obedience and not in the flesh. 
  3. Alter Call: There was an alter call after the two evening sessions that was opened to first time profession of faith, rededication, and repentance of sin. Most of our students went forward along with many other students from different churches. Even though this was a broad call, the fact that our students went forward shows a great desire to seek and know God. My prayer is that our students would continue in their pursuit to know and obey Jesus throughout 2017.

PARENT ACTION – Ask, Listen, Share: 

  1. ASK:  *Ask what their favorite part was. *Ask if they went forward to the front during the alter call at the end of the sessions. *Ask them why they did, and how it impacted them. Was it because their friend went forward? Did they rededicate their life to Christ? Did they want to just kneel and confess a sin they have been struggling with? Or was it the first time the gospel really made sense and they wanted to profess faith in Jesus? *Ask them how you can pray for them this week/year (try to get them to be specific and write it down). 
  2. LISTEN Listen Listen Listen Listen! With each question, listen intently! This is an opportunity to better understand where your kid is at in his/her spiritual walk. Even if their motives seem a little off, or they aren’t where you want them to be, let them finish and be open to how God’s testimony through them might impact you today. 
  3. SHARE: Be willing to share your own testimony and struggles as they relate. Share with them what you are learning or reading from God Word — even if you don’t feel like you have a ton of insight, just share with them the book of the Bible you are reading through. It will be encouraging for them to hear where you are at in your walk with God. Also, if you are certain they have put their faith in Jesus, share how they can pray for you — be specific!