What is SOUPER Bowl 2016?

Souper Bowl 2016 is a Blue Ridge Bible Church wide event that culminates around the Super Bowl, the biggest football game of the year, on February 7, 2016. Blue Ridge Bible Church is asking its members to collect canned goods from their neighbors and bring the canned goods to church on February 7.   


Who does it help?

This ministry opportunity aims to help us make a meaningful connection with our neighbors (a plus 1 opportunity) while at the same time feed the hungry and hurting through our local food pantry, the Tree of Life Ministry in Purcellville.

What is a “Plus 1” opportunity?

A plus 1 opportunity is one in which we engage our neighbors, with something as small as saying hello, lending them a hand, having them over for dinner or actually getting to share the gospel with them.  Plus 1s are an act of faith for us adding up over time to help us form a more meaningful relationship with them.  

How can you participate?

Ask your neighbors if they would like to participate. If yes, let them know what time you are going to come back to pick up the canned goods. There is a form at the church office and a downloadable PDF here and on the church website.  Fill in your contact information and give the form to each neighbor.


Goals for this year?

We collected 3,000 canned goods for Tree of Life food pantry last year! Let’s work together to break that record!