World Missions Spotlight

Ukraine Emergency Ministry | Adi & Lavi Dreana


BRBC funds have directly supported about 3000 people!  Food, clothing, medicine, and some support for housing are areas with direct support.  In addition, Adi drove nearly 25,000 Km (15,000 miles) in the last two months alone! He and Lori (Lavi’s brother) made two trips into Ukraine in the past month to deliver supplies to a church there that is also forwarding supplies to eastern Ukraine.  Nobody was on the road when Adi and Lori were in Ukraine.  Under martial law, people are limited to 20 liters (5 gal) of gas a month and that is keeping most people from driving around.

As you may know, Adi and Lavi grew up under communism.  Both mentioned during the call that going near or in Ukraine is like communism again.  The Ukrainian border guards wanted bribes to approve Adi’s border crossing (he doesn’t pay them and waits them out).  There is smuggling going on across the border (mainly gas) and it can be a tense situation.

There are fewer new refugees coming across, so things have stabilized somewhat.

As Lavi noted, it has been “intense and non-stop” for the past number of months and they are both tired.  They need some time off.

Both Adi and Lavi said many times how grateful they are to have BRBC support them in these anxious and chaotic times.  They have had many opportunities to share the gospel with people while providing support.


  • Praises for Adi and Lavi’s ability and all the work they are doing under dangerous and difficult circumstances in service to God to move and minister to Ukrainian refugees.
  • Pray for protection, stamina, rest and renewal.
  • Pray for the refugees that they may find God and the opportunity to move them one step closer to finding Christ and in their journey to heaven.