World Missions Spotlight

Joe & Denise Holman | Bolivia


Joe pastored BRBC from 2000 to 2006 until the Lord called him and Denise to the mission field. They grew up in Texas and pastored a church in Colorado before coming to BRBC.
Their initial goal was to mentor and train pastors and Bolivian leaders; but they have branched out into many different local ministry activities. Joe and Denise are genuine “missionary entrepreneurs” and have a special talent for teaching and mentoring; both critical needs in South America.

They minister in Cochabamba; Bolivia; the third largest city in Bolivia and located in the central part of the country. Bolivia has recently experienced political turmoil with a number of states threatening secession.

The Holmans arrived in Bolivia in 2007 and plan for 3 terms ending in 2021.
They are sponsored by Ripe for the Harvest; the Holmans receive roughly one-third of their total support from BRBC.


1.  Please pray for wisdom on keeping their guesthouse open. COVID has kept it closed. Teams last year and this year have canceled placing this mission in a financial crisis.

2.  Pray for Bolivia hurting with COVID. The medical system has collapsed and the US State Department made it a Do Not Travel location due to COVID and resulting rioting over action/inaction.

3.  Pray for wisdom as the Holman’s seek God’s direction on returning to Bolivia.


Access the Holman’s latest prayer letter HERE.