DNow 2017 Recap for Parents — Praise God!

Review – Praise God! Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith. He is at work. 

My prayer going into this DNow was focused on building Christ centered, meaningful relationships. Relationships with Jesus, Peers, Leaders, and Host families.  It was awesome to see all the relationships formed and strengthened as a result of God’s work through so many involved! 

God did MORE!

The Theme was Evangelism – to “Gospelize.” This was a challenge to our students as some felt ill-equipped and not at “that level of Christian” to share their faith. This weekend stretched the students beyond their comfort level where they were: 

  1. Faced with the decision to put their faith in Jesus and surrender completely to Him.
  2. Equipped to start and finish a gospel conversation with their lost friends
  3. Exhorted to start a conversation, either in person or over text that weekend
  4. Convicted and encouraged to begin following Jesus whole-heartedly.

Parents – Ask and Share 

ASK – Ask specific questions! This is a great opportunity to see where your kid is spiritually. 

  • Ask what their favorite part of the weekend was. 
  • Ask if they went forward during the alter call (the alter call was very broad, not just for someone who is accepting Jesus for the first time). If they did go forward ask why.  
  • Ask if they feel equipped to share the gospel to a friend (why/why not). 
  • Ask what the biggest challenge is in their life right now. 
  • Ask if there is anything you can do to help them in their spiritual walk (i.e. accountability in some area, or simply prayer). 

These are ALL things that we touched on during the weekend so your kids will have already been thinking through these things. This is your opportunity to connect where they are. 

SHARE – Make it two way! Help them see they aren’t alone in their struggles and encouragement — the high and lows of life. 

  • Share what you have been reading in the Bible – how have you been encouraged?
  • Share what are some of the biggest challenges in your walk (past or present)
  • Share how they can be praying for you specifically (i.e. work, faith, struggles)
  • Model wise transparency with your high school and middle school kids. 

I was encouraged to see the level of transparency and honesty exhibited in our small groups. My prayer is this openness continues as we all cling to Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.