Drive-Thru Chill

Drive-Thru Chill!
July 12, 5:30-6:30pm

This is our COVID-19 church picnic—a drive-thru version! Our goal is to provide a venue for us to see more of each other and raise our spirits.

We’ve specifically designed this as an event with “layers” of interaction, so there is something for EVERY comfort level. We will be in our cars, outdoors, and socially distant. We are encouraging everyone who is in town on Sunday/July 12 to come by the church and interact in the ways below that you are comfortable with. We want to see you!

Here’s what to expect:

Arrival/Donate to TOL: Drive-thru the portico at the upstairs entrance. Drop off your canned goods donation for the Tree of Life food pantry (a volunteer can remove them from your trunk if you wish to limit interaction). Wave and say hi to the BRBC staff and volunteers at this point, or chat with the car across the way from you!
RSVP for BBQ: Reserve and pickup Wayne Mason’s famous smoked pulled pork (carefully and safely prepared). Staff & volunteers will hand you a to-go container. RSVP for food HERE; we have a hard deadline of midnight Sun/Jul 5. 
“Reverse” parade: Continue your drive around our building and wave and/or chat at a distance w/ 6 BRBC families who will be stationed around the lower parking lot. Hopefully we can all see some faces we haven’t seen in the last months! 
“Tailgate” dinner: At this point, you can either exit or you are welcome to stay and eat, separately together! We will have socially-distanced parking spaces marked out in the field and you are welcome to park, open your trunk or bring a picnic blanket and “tailgate” by eating together from our cars.
What do we need from you?
1) Mark your calendars now! 
2) RSVP HERE by 7/5 if you want BBQ

3) Bring a few canned goods for Tree of Life
4) Come!