If you’re like me, it helps to know I’m not alone in feeling the way I do.

It can be intimidating—if not downright scary—to interact with someone may not yet know Jesus. I’ve found it’s less scary as I get to know the person.

Last week we focused on listening. It’s a practical way to be aware of the needs around you! Something I heard recently was, “If we listen, folks will tell us how to love them.” Prayer is the best beginning. And listening is a good next step. But it’s not the ending!

This week (Oct 29-Nov 3), let’s pick one of the last letters of BLESS and take action!

  1. Ask for the Holy Spirit for help to have His eyes and His heart for this person. Ask the Spirit for practical help to get to know him or her – ask for an opportunity to eat, serve, or share with them!
  2. E – What’s the value of sharing a meal or a cup of coffee? It’s something that builds relationship, over extended time.
  3. S – How can I be a servant to others? Be on the lookout for ways. Jesus served, that’s how he lived life.
  4. S – How do we share our story? When the time is right, talk and share the story of how Jesus changed your life. Tell your story, share your faith … after you have prayed, listened, had a meal, and served.

Who is God calling you to bless this week?

Want more resources? Click on the Bless Your Neighbor flyer or resource list below.