Dear BRBC Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

You normally hear—and probably have heard—much from Christian leaders in America about your vote today. We find it much rarer, however, to hear from them in the aftermath of an election. We want to take the road less traveled and give you the following exhortation and encouragement for the days ahead:

First, we encourage you to remember that those elected today will be appointed to that position by God, whether or not they acknowledge the appointment. We owe them our allegiance because we owe deference to God’s plan and God’s wisdom. We encourage you, in the days ahead, to read Romans 13:1-7 and ask God to give you the heart of submission that scripture requires regardless the today’s outcome.

Second, we encourage you to remember, and take great heart in, the truth that those elected today remain under the control and sovereignty of our great God, whether or not they acknowledge His authority. We encourage you to read Proverbs 21:1 in the days ahead and ask God to give you peace from knowing that our new leaders—whoever they are—are under His authority and control.

Third, we acknowledge that the days ahead may seem upsetting and fearful if God does not appoint the candidate or party you prefer. But, though we don’t know the details of how the story will play out, we do know—with complete confidence—what the end of the story looks like. In the days ahead we encourage you to read I Corinthians 15:22-28 and draw great confidence from knowing that Christ is on the move and will, in the end, bring all things into subjection under Himself.

Fourth, we encourage you to remember some of the very final words Christ spoke to His disciples before being led away to death: “Peace I leave with you…Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” We encourage you to mull over John 14:27-31 in the days ahead and ask God to infuse you, your family and our church with the peace that comes from knowing Christ. Demonstration of that peace in the midst of the storm of political and social controversy will set us apart and give us great opportunity to introduce others to the author of our peace.

Finally, we encourage you to remember Jesus’ prayer for the unity of His people just before He died. We encourage you to read John 17:14-24 in the days ahead and ask that God will keep us unified as a church so that Purcellville and Loudoun County will know that the Father sent the Son and that He loves us just as God loves Him.

We have the great, God-given privilege in America to vote and choose our leaders. We encourage you to exercise that privilege today if you have not yet done so. Then, once you have voted, we encourage you to thank God for the outcome, no matter what it is, to thank Him for His sovereign, eternal, immutable, omnipotent power over the affairs of the world, and trust Him for the future as we exhibit the peace, joy and unity that can only come from Him.

The Elders of Blue Ridge Bible Church