RIDGE Youth Classes

RIDGE Youth classes

  • 6th-8th grades | Teachers: Lori Horner & Leanne Manzo

Our middle schoolers are led by amazing facilitators who deeply care about loving these students and helping make their faith their own. Middle School will be led by BRBC member Lori Horner and focus on the theme “Learn to Ask Questions like Jesus.”

Are you a question asker? Did you know that questioning is one of the ways that Jesus built relationships? This fall, we will explore the questions Jesus asked. We will look at the responses he received and how he engaged with people through questions. Together, we will learn to ask questions like Jesus as we strengthen our relationship with God and His Word.


  • 9th-12th grades | Teacher: Rob Cooper

We are using the Interlocked Bible study curriculum which integrates the Genesis-to-Revelation narrative, doctrine and apologetics for believers to live as thriving disciples of Christ. Some of the class objectives include: 

  • Build a framework for explaining and defending the faith.
  • Understand the gospel from a broader perspective.
  • To show who God is through an enlarged vision of Him as revealed in Scripture.
  • Allow the Bible to interpret the world.
  • Show the Bible’s metanarrative.

Sample intro slides here  or learn more at the Interlocked website


Has the winter session already started? No need to sign up, come on Sunday regardless.


March 24, 2024


9:00 am - 9:50 am

The event is finished.