GHANA 3, Update #1

Dear BRBC Family and Supporters,

      We arrived safely in Navrongo in Northern Ghana on January 11th and received a warm welcome from Stephen Aputara and his family. After a few days, we started working at an elementary school called Bible Church Academy in Navrongo. This school was started by Pastor Aputara with the support of BRBC. We received a hearty welcome with kids swarming us, touching our hair, and holding our hands. The headmaster of the school assigned us each with a current teacher that will mentor us. Along with instructing us how to teach, they are also teaching us about the culture and the local language called Kasem. Although each instructor teaches every subject, they have given us individual subjects to teach. Will has been teaching math and English, Tim has tackled math and science, and John has done English and ICT (Information Communication Technology). During the breaks and P.E., we play futball (soccer) with the kids. Their skill runs in stark contrast to our lack of it. 🙂
      We have gone to Good News Bible Church the past two Sundays where Pastor Aputara preaches. The people go out of their way to welcome us, shake our hand, and engage us in conversation. We have felt the love of this church already. Their worship is energetic, yet respectful. Pastor preaches with much conviction, does not hold back from declaring the truth boldly, and is devoted to the Word of God.
       We have started to learn the basics of constructing local buildings using concrete blocks and mortar. It is mostly observation at this point, but we will likely do more in this area later on.
Prayer requests:
1. Pray that we would have wisdom in regards to knowing when to listen and if/when to introduce any of our own ideas.
2. We will be giving 10-15 minute presentations of the Gospel in various schools this coming week. Please pray that we let the Spirit do the talking through us as we share the greatest story ever told.
3. Pray that we would be able to teach the kids effectively as we have little experience in this area.
We are enjoying our time here, although the temptation to gorge ourselves on fried plantains is overwhelming. The Ghanaians have made us feel at home and we are encouraged daily by how loving and passionate these people are. We are excited to continue building relationships so that we can be engaged in the culture and the church with the purpose of blessing others through service, providing hope by way of Jesus, and by continuing the mission of changing lives through the salvation of souls.
Thank you all for your diligent prayers and support,
The Ghana Three
John, Will, and Tim