Ghana 3, Update #6

Dear faithful supporters,

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer!

The school term has come to a close. We spent the last couple days at both Burden Bearers Academy and Bible Church Academy saying goodbye to the students and teachers. During this time we also presented a new laptop (bought with the money provided by you!) to each school for administration purposes and to help the students learn computer skills. Both schools gratefully received the gift, and it is exciting to think how the students will be impacted in the future. We are so thankful for the opportunity we’ve had to build relationships with the students and teachers, and all the things we have learned about culture and education throughout the term.

Since school is out for the term, in the next couple of weeks we will be spending time doing evangelism outreaches. We will go out into an unreached community with some other members from our church. We will be evangelizing in a one on one setting. After Easter, we are planning to have a crusade (which is a bigger presentation of the gospel) in that community to reach even more people. We are very excited for these opportunities!

A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit a pastor in a village called Naga. In that region, the local language is called Frafra (here in Navrongo it’s Kasem), so we had the opportunity to learn some new words! We stayed with the pastor’s family for a few days, resting and exploring the wilderness there. On Sunday, we preached in three of the local churches in Naga. It is still amazing to see how welcoming the churches are to us. It is a real privilege and blessing to be able to preach!

Easter is approaching quickly. Here in Ghana, it’s a really big deal (as it should be). There will be a big convention for Good News Bible Church during the Easter weekend from Friday to Sunday. Pastor Aputara has asked us to teach during the convention, so we are busy preparing for that. Ever since we first arrived, Pastor has been telling us how great the Easter celebration will be. We are super excited to finally experience it!

Prayer Requests:

1. Please continue to pray that we would use our project funds wisely. Pray that God would give us his wisdom in this area.

2. Pray that we would be wise in the way that we spend our last month here. Pray that we would focus on the important things and be protected from distractions.

3. Pray for continued protection from sickness, that we would be healthy and effective during our last weeks here.

4. Pray that God would give us wisdom as we prepare to teach for the Easter convention.

5. Pray that God would work through us in our evangelism outreaches, and prepare the people’s hearts to receive the gospel.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

In Christ,
John, Will, and Tim
Ghana Three 2019