From David Watson:

Dear Friend, aquantiance, or perhaps enemy,

On THIS SUNDAY I will be having an Info meeting for this years trip to Spruce Lake’s Joni and Friends Family retreat. If you have any intrest in coming this year it would be beneficial to you if you would attend. It will be at BRBC’s Library at 12:30. The dates for THIS YEARS TRIP WILL BE July 31-August 5.

Joni and Friends is a weeklong missions trip dedicated to serving families with disabilities. We will be attending a retreat center where each person (AGE 14 AND UP) will be paired with a person with disability and assist them and be a friend throughout the day. (similar to a VBS). If you have QUESTIONS feel free to email me (

If you have already attended in the past you are welcome to come to this meeting or skip it if you’d like. However, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would be willing to offer testimony alongside me! I’m not scared I promise! Just kdding.

That’s all folks,
David Watson