This is the last Ridge Notes of 2015. In 2016 please look for these weekly notes from the upcoming Sunday bulletin, which also include reminders and special notes to you relevant before each Sunday. They are meant to keep you connected and informed, and most often go beyond the bulletin handed out on Sunday.

Wishing you all a Blessed New Year!!

Congregational Prayer with the Elders
Start off the new year in prayer by joining the elders at their monthly prayer time. This is open to anyone and begins at 6:30 a.m. You are welcome to stay as long as you can. It meets the first Tuesday of each month at church.

LIFE Groups Resume
Our winter 10-week session of LIFE groups begins during the week of January 10. Please go to or the bulletin flyer to find the list of locations and times. Get connected to your church family in 2016!

Volunteers Needed for our Security Team
We have men who serve on Sunday mornings to keep us safe and to serve those who come through our doors for each worship service. Our Security Team is in need of more men (18 years & older). It’s a great way to minister at church when you are already going to be here. Contact our new coordinator, Alan Bigler ( to sign up. Many thanks to our previous coordinator, Mark Dillmuth for his faithful service to the security team and to our church for the last two years.

Numbers on the Monitors
Ever wonder why there are two wooden boxes on the side front walls of the auditorium? Those are LED monitors to project the number on a parent’s checkin label. If that number appears it means a parent needs to come to their children’s classroom(s) to check on their child.

On December 27, Pastor Jack closed out the year with an encouraging example from 2 Chronicles 16:9 and Chapter 20 from the life of Jehoshaphat. When faced with the threat of the enemy’s attack, he sought God first. Our God has the resources already in view to help us. Seek Him first as we are “Moving Forward” in 2016.

Weekly giving needed for FY2016 budget – $16,807.27
Total giving to budget for week of 12/27/15 – $15,094.26
YTD giving needed for budget – $218,494.24
Actual YTD giving to budget – $243,611.61
Giving over budget – $25,117.37


December 28-January 2 — Church office closed

January 5, 6:30am – Congregational prayer with the elders

Week of January 10 – Winter LIFE Group session begins
January 10 – Baby Dedication
January 25, 7:00pm – Women’s Coffee & Conversation @ the Murphys’
January 29-31 – DNOW retreat for Senior High (contact to sign up)

February 2 – Congregational prayer with the elders
February 22, 7:00pm – Women’s Coffee & Conversation
March 1 – Congregational prayer with the elders
March 25 – Good Friday
March 27 – Easter
April 1-2 – Women’s Retreat with Margaret Ashmore