If you’re like me, you definitely feel cared for when another person pauses to listen to you—really listen.

Yesterday you heard Tim Murphy’s story about our Bless Your Neighbor focus this week: listening to those around us. (Missed it? Watch here.)

  1. Who is God calling you to bless? If you haven’t yet, be intentional to identify someone where you live, work, or play and begin praying for their good.
  2. This week (Oct 22-27), truly listen to this person—or whoever God may put in your path.
  3. Listening may require a bit of initiative on your part! Need ideas? Try simply asking how someone is doing (“How is your day going?”). You could follow up on something you knew was going to happen (“How did _____ go?”). Or simply notice the person’s demeanor or what they are doing and ask a Q that shows true interest!

Whether you listen to a short answer or a long story this week, the result is the same. Listening very clearly conveys to the other person, “You are not unnoticed.” This is the message of the gospel! When there was nothing in us worth noticing, Jesus noticed us. Believe it or not, He’s using us as tangible representations of Himself as we notice others.

Remember, God has you where you are on purpose!

Want more resources? Click on the Bless Your Neighbor flyer or resource list below.

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