March for Life

SIGN UP to join us in the March for Life! This marks the 50th year since Roe v Wade & the first march since it was overturned in the Dobbs decision this past summer. It is a critical moment in our nation’s history and the advocacy for unborn lives! 

When: January 20, 11:00am-6:00pm — Meeting at the BRBC at 11:00am. Return by 6:00pm. The march itself is 1-4pm. 

Where: Washington DC – the math goes from between 12th&14th St. down the mall to the Capital (basically from around the Washington Monument to the US Capitol Building).

DRIVERS NEEDED* (parents or leaders 23 or older willing to help drive). 

We plan to park somewhere between the start and end of the march so that our vehicles are more easily accessible. 

Here are some finer details you should know. 

  1. Be at the church 11:00am sharp Friday January 20! 
  2. PACK A LUNCH!!!
  3. Depending on our time, we may stop somewhere for a light dinner and debrief after the march. 
  4. Feel free to make a Pro-Life sign to carry 🙂 
  5. DRESS WARM!!!! and be prepared to WALK a lot. 

Sign up HERE