Welcome to our newest members – James Scott, Josh Ryan, and Sean & Cheryl Finnegan! See their photos and welcome them.

Next week is your final week to contact your neighbors and collect non-perishable food items for our Souper Bowl of Caring churchwide outreach, if you haven’t already! Bring items to church on Jan 29 or Feb 5. Information cards to hand to your neighbors will be available again Sunday at the back of the sanctuary or in the lobby. Keep praying for your neighbors and for God to continue to turn our hearts toward those in need. More info is available here on the City.

Ladies Coffee & Conversation – January 30
Ladies, remember to RSVP for our monthly Coffee & Conversation on January 30—this is open to all BRBC women 16 years & above (RSVP on the City or by emailing Jan at madremurf@me.com). Get closer with old friends and make new friends as we enjoy an evening of fellowship and discussing the attributes of God together. See the flyer in the bulletin Sunday for full info.

Mission Service Project to France
Consider joining a short-term team to France Sept 23-Oct 7 to support our missionary, Stephen Darling. This team will restore and repair his ministry building located on the coast in Normandy. Team members willing to paint, deep-clean, do yardwork, as well as specific tradecraft and other professional skills are needed. Visit the table at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday, or email Francesca loudoun1864@gmail.com or Todd harrisherd@outlook.com.

2016 Giving Statements
All donation statements for 2016 are being mailed out today, January 26. If you do not receive one or if you have questions or discrepancies, please contact Roz Custard (roz@brbible.org).

Our Legitimacy: Discipline
Hebrews 12:5-11 reveals how sonship is proven in the hardship of God’s training and discipline. God’s intent is to change us to be more like Jesus—and as we know, at times this occurs through circumstances we wouldn’t choose. Listen to “Our Legitimacy: Discipline” and be reminded and encouraged that hardship is not a sign of God’s absence! We are His, He is with us, and He is working!

Giving Report
Weekly giving needed for FY2017 budget – $18,496.19
Total giving for offering of 1/22/17 – $14,372.83
YTD giving needed for budget – $314,435.23
Actual YTD giving to budget – $346,447.41
Giving over budget – $32,012.18

Week of January 29 – Be praying for your neighbors and those in need in our community!
January 29 – Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drop-off
January 30, 7:00pm – Women’s Coffee & Conversation
February 4, 7:00am – Men’s Breakfast & Study, Kitchen

February 5 – Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drop-off
February 5, 9:30am – Membership Information Class
February 7, 6:30am – Congregational Prayer with the Elders
February 12 – Baptism
February 27, 7:00pm – Women’s Coffee & Conversation

March 5, 9:30am – Membership Information Class
March 7, 6:30am – Congregational Prayer with the Elders
Week of March 19 – Life Groups on break
March 24 & 25 – Women’s Conference
April 14 – Good Friday
April 16 – Easter