Are you interested in becoming a member of Blue Ridge or just learning more about the church? This Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the library we’ll have our Intro Class. I hope you can come!

This class will be the launch of an updated approach of the class. In the past we’ve done the full class in person. The new class will work like this:

  • Intro Class. In person class that will introduce membership and the rest of the class.
  • Online learning. Easy articles and videos to watch online at your own pace.
  • Meet with a pastor. After the learning content is completed you’ll have a one-on-one meeting with a pastor at your convenience to answer specific questions you might have.

We think this change in the approach to the class will give us three benefits.

  1. The Intro Class will be offered the first Sunday of every month. This will allow people to start the class when they are ready.
  2. The online portion will be self-paced to give congregants more flexibility in completing the learning.
  3. A one-on-one meeting with a pastor will give everyone a more personalized experience so that any questions and concerns you might have can be fully answered.

After the class portion is completed the rest of the normal membership process will be followed (elder review and approval).

If you are not a member I hope you’ll join me this Sunday. I need some beta-testers!