Paintball – High School and Middle School

Saturday June 3, 2017 the youth group is invited to paintballing at Hogback Mountain. We leave from BRBC at 12:30pm and will be back for parent pick up by 6:00pm. 

Things Needed to Sign Up (see attached document for forms)

  1. BRBC’s Permission Slip form
  2. Payment (can make checks payable to BRBC with “Paintball Outing” in the memo line) 
  3. Hogback waiver

Costs $45 – includes paintball gun, mask, 500 balls, referee, and air refills

  • Be sure to bring some extra money for paintball refills. 
  • If you bring your own gun you get a $10 discount
  • If you bring your own mask you get $5 discount
  • Be Sure to eat lunch before you come, or pack a lunch! 

How to dress: We recommend the students wear loose-fitting army fatigues— or long sleeve shirt/sweater and sturdy pants that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also where close toed shoes, we recommend boots and maybe a backpack to hold water.