To parents of Middle School Students: Please consider helping to make this retreat weekend for the students a safe success! 

We have two big needs:

Chaperones — What’s the commitment? 

  • Friday Dec. 30, 4:00pm – Sunday Jan. 1, Noon.
  • Required to stay with the students in the lodges overnight (bunking with the students:). Curfew is at 11:00pm
    • Make sure the kids don’t sneak off after curfew 
    • Make sure they don’t drink 8 Red Bulls in one night. 
    • Immediate adult presence in case of emergency (camp staff will be in a separate lodge on site).
    • If your students survive the night and aren’t falling asleep during activities the next day, you will be successful! 
  • New Years Eve Special — Curfew for the students is at 1:00am due to New Years Eve special activities. 
  • Flexible during the day
    • You are welcomed/encouraged to participate in all the same activities right along with the students.
    • reBOOT camp staff will lead all the activities (including Bible studies) which gives you the option to break off and enjoy the beautiful conference center facilities (including a neat coffee shop).

Drivers — what’s the commitment? 

  • Have a mini van, SUV, or bigger vehicle.
  • Be at BRBC Friday by 4:15. Drive Students 45 minutes to Skycroft Conference Center
  • Be at Skycroft on Sunday (01/01/17) morning at 10:00am. Drive students 45 minutes back to BRBC

You can contact me at if you have questions. Select below if you would like to help meet one (of both) of these needs!