RIDGE for Life classes
Relevance | Instruction | Doctrine | Guidance | Equipping for Life
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September 12-November 14 | 9-9:50am

Classes for Adults, Youth, Kids | Enrollment required | Register HERE 

  • Develop your own Bible study methods (Option 1)
    Facilitators: Tim Murphy & Wayne Hala
  • Making Theology Accessible: Exploring the Stage of Truth (Option 2)
    Facilitator: Gil Paist, Rob Hackworth & Credo House Ministry content 
  • RIDGE Kids classes @ 9am (5th grade and younger)
    *Adult registration required in order to register for kids classes
  • RIDGE Youth @ 9am (6th-12th grades)
    How to share your faith – Life in 6 Words tools

To help us plan, enrollment is required. Please help us plan! Adults who register are then able to register children. (Parents, kids can attend kids classes only if a parent is attending an adult class.) **We hope to phase out the need for enrollment as we have more and more volunteers signup to help staff kids classes. Thank you for bearing with us for the time being!

New topics and classes will be offered in January and March as well. Are you coming to RIDGE classes? Register HERE.