Love God and enjoy the peace He has brought through Jesus Christ. Let’s raise His gospel as a banner over us! Fear of rejection and inadequacy may be present, but know that even if our biggest fears come true, we share in Jesus’ suffering and humiliation, and the gospel seed will not return void.  

Remember from where God saved you (i.e. hopeless, helpless, incurring wrath as the wages of our sin) but God being rich in MERCY clothed us in His righteousness and carried us to His table for fellowship = PEACE. This cost Him everything including suffering and great humiliation but He endured it for the JOY set before Him. The JOY we can live in today. 

Praise God! As you are going consider the lost around you and raise the banner of the gospel in peace and joy. Fear is real, but it has no power! Don’t be deceived.

Operation Speed-Bumb Scrape-Up

Be at BRBC Saturday at 8:30am sharp if you want to be part of The Speed-Bumb Scrape-Up Team!

BRING TOOLS!!!! — Sledge Hammer, Brick-Breaker (i.e. long steel rode with a wedge at the end), gloves, flat spade shovel.  You are guaranteed a blister if you don’t wear gloves, I have the blisters to prove it — the choice is yours.

For those concerned about slowing cars down, BRBC is putting in a different kind of replacement bump later this summer. We need this done before we reseal the entire parking lot.