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Please Consider Sponsoring a Child Through Compassion International

The day that Compassion called to let us know that the child who we had sponsored was gone, it really hit us.

It wasn’t the first time that we had “lost” a Compassion child. The child who I had sponsored in high school had left the program because violence in his community forced his family to flee. But, this was different. This time, our sponsored child had taken his own life. He hadn’t moved. He hadn’t aged out of the program. He was gone.

Could we have done more? Should we have written more letters? Should we have prayed more?

We had formed a connection with a child a world away. His loss, and the pain that his family was feeling, impacted us. But, how was this connection formed?  How did he become “real” to us? How did we come to feel the personal impacts of the loss of one of millions upon millions of children who live in poverty and who we never met face to face?

Every day, all across the world, children face the terrible reality of poverty. They live on the razor’s edge of having their basic needs met, with little hope to expect anything better.  For those of us who live in prosperity, those children and their families can seem a universe away. It’s not that we don’t want to help, but we aren’t connected to those who need the help. Child sponsorship through Compassion closes that gap. It is a door into the life of a child and their family who we would otherwise never meet, never pray for, and never serve. Through sponsorship, a door opens between you and a child in need. It allows you to assist a Compassion Center and a local church as they pour the Gospel into the lives of the children and families in their community. Your support helps to provide medical checkups, nutritious food, education, health and hygiene training, mentoring, and access to special services like disaster relief and surgery.

The need for sponsorships is enormous right now. Compassion Sunday, which was scheduled for April 26th and which was projected to connect 12,000 children to sponsors, was cancelled in almost all churches where it had been planned. At the same time, Compassion is currently providing assistance to more families than ever before. As a result of COVID, Compassion centers around the world are now distributing food and grocery vouchers, helping to cover the cost of medical care, and even helping families to cover their rent. Those families are experiencing the love and provision of God being poured out through his body, the church, and it is being noticed.

We urge you to prayerfully consider child sponsorship through Compassion at this time. We urge you to open the door into the life of a child in need.

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– Josh and Bethany Johns