Update #4 – Sunday

Sunday: a high-level overview of the day! (If you double click on pictures, they should get a lot bigger.)

The team split up today to attend and speak at churches in Murigu, Doba, Naga, and Navrongo. In Murigu, David said he preached on Psalm 84, “through the Valley of Bacca. Whose heart is the road to Zion. Really encouraging to me to be there.”

Photo #18 is a video, click below to watch:


Long lunch, finished at 5:50pm!! Hung out at the lunch spot for a long time. They took a video from the ride home.


(Photo #19 is a video too, click below to watch)


Then they finished out the evening by playing some volleyball with neighborhood kids! That was special.



David said he was pretty shook up Saturday evening, thinking about Stephen and just really feeling the loss of him there in Ghana. That it is really awesome to be there, but it won’t ever be quite the same.


Tomorrow (Monday) the team is going to continue the church tour, visiting with the pastors of churches all around that region in northern Ghana.