Update #5 – Monday

Monday: The team visited Bible Church Academy in Navrongo, Tampola church (visiting Pastor Clement and the Bread Winners school), and Bonia Church (meeting with Pastor John).
Tyler sharing the wordless book at Bible Church Academy! And the BCA younger class (David and Breana taught at this school for six weeks back in 2011). Brought the three-legged race to BCA — they loved it!!
This is Augustine – he was good friends with Will, John and Timothy (the guys who went from BRBC a couple years back).
Tampola church and “Bread Winners” school. Anita and Tyler got a game of duck, duck, goose going with the younger kids at Bread Winners!
This is Joseph receiving one of the Bibles the team brought. He is a recent grad from the Bible College and an elder at Tampola church.
Clement is the pastor of Tampola church. Clement is really awesome – very competent and approachable. They are trying to complete the school building so that the church can have their own space.
Bonia Church in … Bonia. Imagine that! BRBC helped to put up the structure of this church, but it still needs a lot of work. Dirt floors and pretty rough. This body met under a tree for a long time. We prayed with them and sang a song. It was really neat!
Pastor is Samual – but somehow everyone calls him “John.” This is Bonia church – Samual (John) is far right. The other Ghanaian are leaders in the church. The tall girl in the brown dress is Jennifer – she’s the women’s ministry leader and also does a lot for the church. Really inspiring!
(This was from Sunday. Patti rode the moto-bike from Doba church to All Souls!)
Ended the day hanging out … David says at 10pm, “Currently – they are playing some game kind of like ‘Sorry.’ They are making a lot of noise! 😂😂” (And that’s Mama Mercy on the far left. )