GHANA 3, Update #2

Dear Supporters,

We have been in Ghana just over one month, and we are enjoying the many opportunities God has given us so far. At Bible Church Academy we are enjoying building relationships with the students in our classes and teaching more frequently. The Aputaras have demonstrated the utmost hospitality and generosity to us, and we are looking forward to getting to know them more.

Adjusting to the Ghanaian culture has taught us many things: how to value people above schedules, how to eat new foods (fufu is the best), and the importance of verbalizing the Word of God and acknowledging the presence of God.

Last Sunday we had the privilege of preaching at four different churches in the towns surrounding Navrongo, our home town. While preparing our sermons we were encouraged by the power of the Holy Spirit through God’s word, and we are eager to continue sharing the Gospel.

In the near future we will be teaching at a new elementary school and giving Gospel presentations at other local schools.

Prayer requests:

1) Please pray that God would bless us with wisdom and a humble attitude as we begin teaching new students in a new setting.

2) Please pray that our Gospel presentations and future sermons would be true to the Word and in accordance to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

3) Please pray for the people who heard God’s Word preached last Sunday – that His truth would resonate in their minds, and that their thoughts would be turned towards Christ and His complete sacrifice.

As always, we thank you for your support and willingness to share in this experience with us! Your prayers are appreciated.

For pictures of the trip go to this Facebook page, LINK.

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