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Jack Gill

Isaiah 1: Silver & Dross
Isaiah 2: Living Forward
Isaiah 3:1-4:1: Exchanging Holiness for Chaos
Isaiah 4:2-6: A Future Hope
Isaiah 5: A Song About A Vineyard
Isaiah 6: A Story About A Commissioning
Isaiah 7: An Invitation To Trust
Isaiah 8: When Fear Cometh Our Way
Isaiah 9:8-10:4: No Turning Back
Isaiah 10:5-34: God’s Singular Plan
Isaiah 11
Isaiah 12: Song of the Redeemed
Isaiah 13-23: Broken Reeds, Leaking Cisterns 
Isaiah 24-25: Tribulation & Millennium
Isaiah 26: Isaiah’s Millennial Hymn
Isaiah 36-37: A Story of Trust
Isaiah 38: From Lament to Thanksgiving
Isaiah 39: Trust During The Good Times
Isaiah 40: Incomparable God
Isaiah 40:27-31: A Remembrance to Renew
Isaiah 41: 1-20: Do Not Fear
Isaiah 41: 21-29: Exposing Falsehood
Isaiah 42: Restoration!
Isaiah 43:22-44:23: Revival
Isaiah 44:24-45:25: How Big is Your God?
Isaiah 46-47: The Futility of Idolatry
Isaiah 48: When God Isn’t Making Sense
Isaiah 49:1-50:3: Humble Beginnings, Incredible Destiny
Isaiah 50:4-51:8: The Sacrificial Servant
Isaiah 51:9-52:12:A New Exodus
Isaiah 52:13-53-12: Easter 2020 – When Defeat was the Victorious Strategy
Isaiah 54: The God Who Grants Grace
Isaiah 55: The Invitation
Isaiah 56:9-57:21: Access to God
Isaiah 58: Substance Over Superficiality
Isaiah 59: Rescue of the Living Dead
Isaiah 60: The Future Glory
Isaiah 61: The Rule of the King
Isaiah 62: God’s Coming Kingdom: The People
Isaiah 63: Wrath and Lovingkindness: The Conflicting Yet Complementary Attributes of God
Isaiah 63:15-64:12: Repentance
Isaiah 65: A Ricochet & A Hope
Isaiah 66: God’s Grand Panoramic View