Christmas update: Consider BLESSing the people God has intentionally placed in your path this Christmas season. Let’s be praying, listening, eating with, serving, and sharing our stories! Need some suggestions?

  • Invite to Christmas Eve: Begin praying that he or she would be receptive to an invitation to our Christmas Eve service (Dec 24, 6pm) and this would be a means to introduce them to who Jesus truly is.
  • Strike up conversation: Ask about his or her Christmas traditions – and simply listen to their response in a way that seeks to understand!
  • Treat someone to coffee/hot cocoa: The grocery clerk, librarian, janitor, teacher, whomever you consistently see! This is a fun way to surprise he or she with a simple pleasure, just because it’s Christmas. 
  • Take over a plate of cookies: Food is a great entry into the lives of our neighbors!
  • Brainstorm a way to serve: Does he or she have a need you know of? Whether a tangible need or an emotional/spiritual need where you could encourage them?
  • Share from the outflow of your relationship with Jesus: How does knowing Jesus today influence the way you think, relate, and act? How is Jesus transforming you in an area/s where you know you couldn’t change yourself? Jesus is active in your life—just allow that to spill over into the lives of those around you!


From our fall outreach:

“Hospitality is the ground zero of the Christian faith … they didn’t share the gospel with me, they didn’t invite me to church … it showed me I wasn’t a project to them.”

This is what Rosaria Butterfield says about being in the home of a Christian pastor and his wife each week for dinner over the period of two years.

As we wrap up our month long focus on Bless Your Neighbor, watch Rosaria’s video for continued encouragement to ask God to use you to bless the specific people He has placed you around!

How Radically Ordinary Hospitality Changed Rosaria Butterfield’s Life from Crossway on Vimeo.

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